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Smiling sun UK friends meet at Bluewater


On 25 October 2002, 5 JJ friends met at the Bluewater shopping centre near the Dartford Tunnel in the southeast of England for an afternoon of chat and retail therapy!

Jill picks up the story:

"Natalie, Russ and myself from JJUK met with Caroline (a friend of Jill's) and Mel (Jill's personal assistant). (Russ was a bit outnumbered but he kindly said that it was good to meet some nice ladies!)

"It was good to be able to see each other face to face and to be to speak without the aid of a keyboard!

"There was a lot of talk about diet. We drank coffee with soya milk but some of us succumbed to shortbread that wasn't gluten free.

"Afterwards, we enjoyed a bit of 'retail therapy'.

"We'd like to meet again. Hopefully more people will be able to come along too. This was a great opportunity to experience the delights of the shopping malls with the bonus of meeting friends made through Jooly's Joint."

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