Jooly's Joint: people with MS supporting each other

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Vivien (right) with Lorne Spicer and Jonty Hernden

Smiling sun TV stars help Viv find 'Cash in the Attic!'

TV viewers in the UK (and further afield!) with an interest in antiques will be very familiar with the BBC's popular daytime show 'Cash in the Attic'. But you probably didn't know that one of the show's greatest fans is a member of Jooly's Joint!

Vivien Mitchell from Worcester, UK applied to appear on the show so that she could raise money towards a new scooter for her 17-year-old daughter. ("We live in a small village in the middle of nowhere; no street lights, no buses, so I knew she really needed transport!")

Viv's adventure began when the shows producer visited her home to find out more about Vivien and her family.

Viv explains, "I told her that we are a 'Biker family', and of my hope raise enough money from auctioning any 'antiques' we might find in our attach to buy my daughter a scooter. The producer was amazed that I have primary progressive MS and decided that this should be the theme of the show! I was interviewed for the show sitting astride our Harley Davidson Trike in our garage! I've had MS since 1993, and am still a biker!"

Viv on her Harley Davidson Trike

During the making of the show Viv met BBC celebrity presenters Lorne Spicer and Jonty Hernden.

With Lorne and Jonty's expert guidance, Viv sold her 15-year collection of 'Lilliput Lane' models for an incredible £600.

Viv's collection of Lilliput Lane models

But the excitement didn't end once the show was broadcast.

"A viewer in Scotland contacted the BBC after watching the programme. She said she was moved to tears after learning about my having MS and trying to raise funds for my daughter's scooter. Included with her note was her entire Lilliput Lane Collection which she wanted me to have!"

Summing up her experience, Viv says, " It took 4 months of 'Action!/Cut!', filming and producing from start to finish and lots of sleepless nights! But it's been a fantastic experience! "

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