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Smiling sun Amanda receives Girl Guides Fortitude Award!

JJ member Amanda Reilly from Ontario, Canada has been honoured by Girl Guides of Canada in recognition of her outstanding contribution to guiding.


Amanda received the coveted 'Fortitude Award' for demonstrating commitment and determination in the face of great personal challenge.

Girl Guides of Canada

The following speech was made in Amanda's honour at a prestigious award ceremony in Ontario. Two hundred women were present, including the local Mayor!

"What is a Guider? A Guider is a Leader, a mentor, a good listener, problem solver, community representative, financial wizard, a peace maker. She enjoys camping and the great outdoors, enjoys crafts, enjoys eating, loves children and is a great friend to all.

"What is Fortitude? According to Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary it is "strength of mind in the face of pain, adversity or peril; patient courage" To us it means not allowing that adversity to rule your life.

"Tonight it is with great pride that we present the Fortitude Award to one of our own Guiders. This Guider has been a leader for 9 years. She has been a leader with Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Senior Branches. She has taken the girls on numerous outings, sleep overs, and camping trips. She has also done composite camps during the summer. Her next goal is an international trip. She very willingly gives of her time. No job is too small or too large. She can always be counted on to bring new ideas and humor to any situation.

"1998 became the year she can never forget. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis the first week of May. That weekend she was scheduled to go camping with her Pathfinder unit. Always being able to count on her, she didn't allow MS to interfere with her life. Not only did she mange camp, she also took her girls on a long 25km hike along the Bruce Trail.

"Since then she has been determined that MS would not run her life. She would be in control and do what she wanted, when she wanted and that was final!

"The last 5 years have proved many challenges.. There have been trying times along with some fun times. And still her zest for life and her love of Guiding is stronger than ever."

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