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Alan's Story

Alan Grey from Australia has lived with MS for most of his life. Alan shares his story with Jooly's Joint. The opinions expressed on this page are Alan's - if you are considering a change of diet do be sure to talk to your neurologist about it first.

I am 75 years old and have knowingly had MS for 55 Years.

I was a Lieutenant in the British Royal Artillery when I was 20. It was at this time that I started getting headaches. The medical people were no help and with the headaches getting worse I left the army. I just thought that army life was not for me.

So I went in for an army grant and studied Electrical & Mechanical Engineering at Faraday House in London. But the headaches got worse. So during one of my holidays I went to the National Hospital in Queen's Square, London. After all the many tests like lumbar puncture, arteriogram, etc. MS was diagnosed.

I was told they couldn't help me, so I went back to College. I eventually passed my Finals and got my DFH and became a graduate of the Institute of Electrical Engineers. (Incidentally I left the army in 1947 and stated at Faraday House on my 21st birthday, April 21 1948.)

I started at Metropolitan Vickers in Trafford Park as a College Apprenticeship in 1952. But now physical signs were starting to show. My balance was going and my left leg became stiff. I had to stop work. At this time I lived in a flat and looked after myself.

Then by a miracle I heard of Dr Josef Evers in Hachen, West Germany. I went on his back to nature diet and used to travel across Europe every six months to see him. I used to go to London, Harwich, The Hook of Holland, Arnheim, Dusseldorf, Neheim Husten and finally Hachen. The latter was a little village in Westphalia. I used to stay with the Herr Doctor.

I improved to the point that I was able to complete my Apprenticeship. I went to work for Plessey's in the centre of Manchester as a Draughtsman working on the wiring of the Avro Vulcan aircraft. When the job finished I went to Accrington and went through a marriage which lasted a matter of months because of non consumation.

Staying on in Accrington in a flat, I got work with Mullards. I was in charge of a line making Cathode Ray tubes. But there was a lot of night work involved so I gave it away and started at English Electric as a Detail Draughtsman in their 'Bushing & Insulation Design Department'. I did the modifications. I worked there from 1957 to 1972.

In 1966 I married an Angel who knew of all my trouble. To cut a long story short, Else thought that going back to Australia would help my health more. She worked and made me stop at home.

In 1985 after 11 years in Perth my darling was to suddenly die of cancer, promising to wait for me.

I had, incidentally, gone on another diet in 1974. It was the diet of Roger MacDougall. It was basically a gluten-free diet with other additions, like no pork. I am still on it. At this time I have an electric wheelchair. I can walk with two sticks but at my age the electric wheelchair gives me more freedom.

One final note - I have written and typed 12 books which my niece, Dr Joy Edwards, is trying to get published.

That briefly is my story and after 55 years of MS I am still here. Diet does help!

My best wishes, Alan E.W. Gray

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