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Smiling sun About Jooly

Julie in LondonHello! Jooly's Joint (also known as JJ's or MS Webpals) is a community of people with MS on the Internet.

It all began when I was sitting in the bath one day in August 1995, pondering what to do with some free webspace. I wondered if people with MS would enjoy the opportunity to meet others with MS through the Internet.

Jooly's Joint soon became an important part of my life with MS... a way for me to work through my feelings about my illness. If it helps other people with MS that's a huge bonus and makes me feel very happy.

Everything you read on our web site has been written by the people with MS who are members of Jooly's Joint. My job at JJ's is simply to keep things working smoothly.

If you have any problems using the web site, or any questions about Jooly's Joint, just drop me a line. I'm the only 'staff' here, so when you write to Jooly's Joint your email is read and replied to by me.

I'm not a doctor, so I can't help with medical questions. If you have questions your health or treatment see your doctor as soon as you can.

A little about me...

I'm Julie Howell, born in South East England, UK in 1971, to Scottish parents.

I live in a village in the county of Cambridgeshire in the UK with my two rescue cats, Derek and Gracie.

For my living, I am a confidence coach and director of a company, Julie Howell Communications. If you would like to know more about my career, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.

I run Jooly's Joint from my own pocket. It is not my job and I am not paid to do it.

Julie in Trafalgar SquareA little about me and MS...

  • I was diagnosed with MS when I was 20, with symptoms at 19.
  • It seems to be benign for the timebeing ('benign' means it is not progressing).
  • My symptoms have included double vision, numbness, weakness, fatigue, vertigo, optic neuritis and depression.
  • MS is in my family. My paternal grandmother also had MS. My family are from Shetland, a group of islands in the very north of Scotland, where the incidence of MS is very high.
  • I try give my health its best chance by doing things that help me to feel happy. I try to avoid stress. Lots of water, sunshine, good times and good sleep work for me. Low-fat diet and regular, gentle exercise seem to help me feel good in body and mind.
  • Why did I start Jooly's Joint? Because I knew no-one with MS and wanted to make some new friends. The rest is history!

Smiling sun Thanks for dropping by!

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